Why Islam is The Best Religion in this World? By: Rashid Ameen

Criteria to be best religion in the world:
For a religion to be considered the best, it should have the solution to all the problems of mankind. It should be the religion of truth and should be applicable to all ages. The true teachings of religion teach compassion, patience, feeding the hungry, defending the oppressed, forgiveness. Best religion has solution of all questions that rise up in humans’ minds and life. Which Leads them and guides them towards right path in all aspects of life, in terms of development, knowledge, politics, family system and social works too. It does not look down upon people who follow other religions as inferior non-believers etc. Who talks about equality between gender and humanity.


Why Islam is the best religion?

Because it is a religion of worship of One God. Who is eternal. There is no limit to his perfections. He is All-powerful, All-present and All-knowing. Islam is a religion of Equality. Equality between Men and Women. Islam is the only religion that allows all people to come to any of their holy places, without restriction, and be given equal respect in all matters. It allows everyone to read religious scriptures like Holy Quran and Hadith, though it is prohibited in some other religions like in Hinduism etc.


Educational Aspects:

Education has a great importance in Islam. Education is the core basis of human being that gives satisfaction and saves him from destruction. Islam is the only religion which first verse of the Holy Scripture, Al Qur’an was revealed with the instruction of education. The first word “Iqra” is a command that means ‘read’ in Arabic. Islam affirms the right to education for all without gender discrimination as Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said: “Seeking knowledge is compulsory for every Muslim.” He also encouraged education to the members of the most marginalized communities including slave girls. The Prophet said:  “He who has a slave-girl and teaches her good manners and improves her education and then manumits and marries her, will get a double reward; (narrated by Abu Musa Al-Ashari)” Islam is a modern way of life, it teaches people how to react others’ actions and how to talk to them, how to deal with people. Its teachings build family system.

Moral Aspects:

Islam does not look down upon people who follow other religions as “inferior, non-believer, etc.”. It teaches people to help each other and don’t look down one another, it teaches that nobody is superior and no one is inferior. But on the basis of faith and fear to Allah. Islam is a religion which builds character. It tells its followers to be “hard workers” to earn their daily bread rather than begging from others. It teaches to share, whatever they have, with others, as well as to remember Allah in their heart.

All in all, Islam is the only religion which has the solution to all the problems of mankind, e.g., the problem of alcoholism, surplus women, rape and molestation, robbery, racism etc. Islam is the religion of truth, and its laws and solutions are applicable to all the ages.

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